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Mariachi Juvenil de San Diego 

Salvador Peña is a young performer of son Jarocho and various musical styles. Member of a family of musicians of Son Jarocho, tradition that goes back to the interpreters within his family, such is the case of his great-grandfather who played the Son Jarocho with harp making himself accompanied by Jarana and Requinto Jarocho and so on his grandfather and his father.

Peña started learning about the harp at the age of 7. In his short musical career, he has accompanied various groups and ballets folklóricos. He is harpist for Nematatlín de la Universidad Veracruzana, with which he has appeared in various artistic and cultural forums inside and outside the country, has two record productions, Arpeando Ando (2015) and Blanco y Negro (2019).

Salvador Peña - Harp 

Harp Class